I have hit a wall

I have hit a wall

I have hit a wall. Full force.

The last six weeks, I have spent on implementing a new pricing structure and customer portal for my Ghost CMS hosting provider, Magic Pages.

Today was supposed to be the day. First testing of the new customer portal "in the wild" – not on my laptop, but on a live website (namely, this blog).

I have saved everything. Committed the changes to my code repository. Created a new test release. Rolled it out to my personal blog.


Yup. That's how I felt when I got an error about the authentication of the customer portal.

The idea of all of this was simple: instead of two logins (one for the Ghost Admin and one for the Magic Pages customer portal), my customers should only have one. Better UX. Better usability. Better product.

Without going into too much detail about the error itself…it basically destroyed the whole authentication concept I had in mind.

Not just that. It actually showed a security flaw I didn't even consider.

So, yes. I am glad I hit the wall. I am glad I ran against the metaphorical glass door.

But after six weeks of work, it sucks.

Back to the drawing board.